I enjoyed readi…

I enjoyed reading Marion Nestle’s review from a letter she received from an exec of Gatorade. I apprectiate the way she went about answering the question, and also being aware of her mistakes. It’s things like these taht should make people really dig deep into what they are eating, we don’t know if it’s right or not. If we make ourselves aware of the products we consume, we may end up being healthier in the long run anyway. Congrats to gatorade and Marion or stepping up their game.


I am highly imp…

I am highly impressed by the article by Marion Nestle that describes the new American Enterprise Institute’s legislation for better farm policies. The conservative think tank has urged more accounatibility for farmers. With this accountability, companies would have to report problems more often thereore making food safety laws more strict. Less food borne illness equals healthier people, which makes for a better economy!


I’ve gone vege-sorta-tarian! I’m thinking twice about what I put in my mouth. If that means not eating meat, then I don’t eat meat. I usually will eat it from places that I know have grown it fairly and cooperatively with the environmnt. I want my meat to have a good life, be well nourished and grown sustainability so that I can continue eating meat or centuries to come.



The article in …

The article in research is concerned with the recent BP oil spill in the Gul coast and its affects on shrimp and crayfish of that region. Grist goes into detail of what the actual problem is. The crayfish are being caught to sell in markets with no eyes. They also have lesions on their bodies, oiled gills, abnormal sized bodies and much more. It seems to me that this phenomoen does have a lot to do with the BP oil spill. It is also informative in helping us realize how each part of the environment is important to take care of, so that others can do the same. We live in a symbiotic relationship with nature and our food, so we must treat it as we would want our food to be treated. It is also very interesting to me that these crayfish are being found now so long after the spill occurred. It seems that we did not try hard enough to clean the water. Preventative actions must be taken now so that this does not happen again. No human should have to ingest oil because of a stupid mistake made by a large company.


My eating habits, where are they now?

I find myself more enthralled then ever to be apart of the locavore movement. For me, it’s an ethic responsibility to take care of the food I eat and to nurture what others are doing for the environment. Like the article above states, we live in a symbiotic relationship with the earth, we should start treating it like that.