I wanna be a Veggie.

            I think I wanna be a vegetarian. The more I think about it, the more I hate CAFOs, processed meat, “pink slime,” and all that crap that no matter how healthy I eat I will die early because I am feeding my body the wrong things. I get chemicals instead of nutrients, “froteins,” and other awful food that makes my stomachache thinking about it. Not supporting this business seems like the only way out. For me, I can almost guarantee it will be difficult. I’m not positive of what to do to gain the nutrients I need to still be healthy. Obviously not stuffing my face with carbs is important, but rather finding my fullness through vegetables, dairy or other nuts and seeds. I also enjoy how this kind of coincides with my dream to convert to Judaism. Although Jews eat meat, it is not the center of their diet. I like this, I like using things such as meat or sweets as a treat. As a moral person who grew up in the church, and  who still upholds those values today,  I feel myself attracted to tradition and ancient history. I feel like I’m going back to my roots.


            So if I feel this way, and I’d like to think I’m a fairly normal person (some would beg to differ), why doesn’t the normal human being want to feed themselves good food, that’s actually good for your body? As our research continues in class, I read an article that was in critique of the most recent “meat” problem otherwise known as “pink slime.” The original article deals with the meat that is being shipped into some places, mostly school districts, that is causing outrage among some. This critique is about someone who used to work for the Beef  Products Incorporated, an industrilalized butcher of sorts. The pink slime comes from. They company is far from transparent and is actually revolting. The moral of the story: find real meat, know where it came from, and eat that. It’s a simple solution, I think. You support local economies, while continuing eating meat, if you so choose. In response to this article, and talking to some veggie friends, I think I’ll try it out! 



The man who blew the whistle on ‘pink slime’


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