Food Blog Review!

According to Grist’s blog entry on February 1st entitled, “No, that’s not snow. Pesticides California’s Central Valley,” many of the fruits that come from this region aren’t necessarily the best for us. In the article, it describes from the point of an activist the problems she faces dealing with the farm owners of California’s central food providers such as oranges and other fruits that are shipped to the rest of the world. The problem these activists have is with the use of pesticides on the fruit to make it look perfect.. too perfect. As they use more and more of them it contaminates the local drinking water. The water could be filled with the fertilizer that keeps our fruits looking like wax pieces. Another issue they’ve found in the region is that of the groundwater pollutant, nitrate. The quote from the article says, “This combination of fertilizers, animal factory waste and old, leaky septic systems cause high levels of nitrate that exceed state and federal health standards and can cause death in infants and cancer in adults.” This has become a serious issue in Central Valley California. They’ve found serious health issues for the people of the region, even including rashes after showering. The poverty stricken area is forced to buy bottled water to make up for the lack of clean drinking water but not without a financial burden. As I’m reading this article it’s hard for me to imagine what it’s like to not be able to go to the sink and pour a glass of water, and not worry about if I’m going to live or die because of it. It’s not fair to the residents who are more than likely working those exact fields that the dirty water is escaping from. Something must be done for these people. I understand groundwater would be difficult to clean up. But the state of California could definitely help its resident by providing subsidized water bottles for consumption, rather than seeing its population become sick. According to my friend, who’s been in charge of Charity:water club here at SU, his statistic is this; 1 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water in the world. Don’t you think in the most powerful and developed country in the world, we could at least off our citizens that?



No, that’s not snow: Pesticides coat California’s Central Valley


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