Food Log 2/3

As we continually learn about the effects of our natural animal system against our own food systems I consistently seem to get sick in my stomach.  As a carnivore, I’ve always enjoyed a good cheeseburger, steak, chicken tenders, pork loin, ribs, you name it, I’ve mostly likely enjoyed it. As I bit into my delicious hunk of meat, not once did I really think of where it came from. For me, it was a source of protein that was needed for my sustainability. I’m an advocate for this: God put meat on this earth for me to eat, so why wouldn’t i? My problem as I eat meat after these last few class periods is not actually the fact that I’m biting down into a once living creature, but rather what has this animal been through that could be affecting me. The alarming facts are this, there is too much other stuff in my meat than the actual meat from the animal. Corn used as filler makes me sick. After watching the animal activist videos in the last week, it makes me wonder why I would ever want to eat a piece of pork from an animal that has been laying on the ground of a meat processing plant trying to fight for its life? I mean this in the least self-absorbed way possible, but how many germs do I encounter from eating it? I’m all for eating meat, but why do the animals that so willingly give up their lives for our benefit get treated this way? Why would I eat an animal that has been contaminated with germs, bacteria and diseases that I could potentially get. Immediate solution: stop eating meat.


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